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US (WY): Possibility of greenhouse in Lovell explored

Lovell Inc. and the Western Sugar Cooperative announced this week that the two entities have entered into an agreement to participate in a feasibility study to determine whether waste heat generated from the sugar plant in Lovell during the beet processing campaign can be economically used to heat a greenhouse to grow vegetables year around.

The state-of-the-art greenhouse would be located somewhere near the factory, so that steam and water left over from the processing of beets could be piped directly into the heating system of the greenhouse. Currently, the water is piped into holding ponds near the factory.

The greenhouse would produce vegetables that could be sold locally and beyond. An adjacent production facility could also be used to wash and package produce raised locally by small farmers and even backyard gardeners.

Read more at the Lovell Chronicle

Publication date: 10/20/2017



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