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AU: Flavorite to break ground on 4 ha expansion in December

In December this year, Australian tomato and pepper grower Flavorite will break ground for their 4 hectare expansion. The project, estimated at 8 million AUS Dollar, will bring the total production acreage of their business at a total of 29 hectare. In a recent article published by the weekly times, farm manager Chris Millis, attributes the success of the business to its ability to incorporate new ideas and technology.

In the early days, Flavorite was able to grow 40kg of fruit a square metre. Now advances in technology and growing methods mean they can produce double that.

Glasshouses are now 7m high, or 3m higher than the original plastic structures used when the business started. Chris said glass provided “better environmental control — a more stable climate and much better light transmission — and light equals production”.

“It is more expensive to build but it is less maintenance,” Chris said. “With glass, we have roof-cleaning machines to scrub and polish it.”

Publication date: 10/11/2017



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