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New vegetable nursery opens in Belarus

This week a completely new modern greenhouse project was commissioned in the northern Vitebsk region of Belarus. Situated in close proximity to the border with Russia, the 4.5 hectare vegetable greenhouse will soon be harvesting a large amount of greenhouse produce for shipment to both local and export markets. 

The 4.5 hectare glasshouse was built turnkey by Israeli greenhouse manufacturer Azrom. Their client chose for an advance glass Venlo structure in order to cope with the extreme climate, while also making maximum use of the available light levels that the region has to offer. 

The greenhouse is equipped with supplemental lighting, re-circulation water treatment systems and hydroponic gutters and growing tables. The greenhouse is divided into several individual internal sections in order to create separate climates for the young plant propagation, the cucumber crop, the tomato crop and the production of leafy greens. 

Azrom worked together with a number of suppliers on the project. "The Belarus project forced us to combine the best technologies and planning capabilities to overcome the extreme weather on the one hand, while exploiting the energy resources available on the site", said Boyan Dulitz, Project Director at Azrom. The Belarus makes use of the latest Dutch technologies, it is for example equipped with an energy efficient Dutch heating system that includes boilers from Crone and burners from Zantingh. Also many other Dutch suppliers participated in the project. 

It is one of the first projects that Azrom built in this kind of climate and setting. "Our client is very pleased with the turnout of the project and he is already planning a second phase, stage B of the project", said Zviki Porat, head of marketing at Azrom. The Israeli greenhouse manufacturer is spreading its wings all over the world. "We are active for more than 60 years already, particularly in the Israeli and African market. Nowadays we are also expanding into new markets worldwide and we enjoy the process of learning new things and grow with the markets, which are changing and developing rapidly. It is good to see that our customers know that we continue to develop accordingly", Mr. Cohen, the CEO of Azrom added. 

For more information: 
Azrom Greenhouses
Zviki Porat

Publication date: 10/11/2017
Author: Boy de Nijs



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