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Jaksa back on track to serve growth of Polish industry

Last weekend the Polish horticulture industry once again gathered in Goluchow for the 19th edition of the Dni Ogrodnika Gardener Days. Also the Jaksa group was once again present to represent an impressive selection of horticulture technology suppliers.

Jaksa represents companies like Empas, Agrolux, Certhon, Bogaerts, C&E Holland, Van der Waay, Verhagen Leiden, Holland Heater, Holland Scherming, Horticoop, Crone, Holland Gaas, Svensson and Weterings. 

The Jaksa Group is one of Poland's foremost players active in the field of greenhouse construction and supplies. Founded by Jacek Jaksa, the group has been responsible for an impressive amount of greenhouse construction projects in the growing Polish horticulture industries. 

After the unexpected passing of Mr. Jaksa in 2016, the company was facing an uncertain future. Jaksa's knowledge, network and experience was the pillar of the business and his family and suppliers were not sure if they could continue with the company without the knowledge and experience of its founder. However, thanks to the generous support and effort of his family, the company picked up the pieces and managed to overcome. 

Jeffrey van der Sande of greenhouse manufacturer Certhon and Chris Aarts of tomato hook manufacturer C&E Holland, two suppliers represented by Jaksa in Poland, expressed that they are happy that Jaksa is back on track again. "Jacek's daughter Paula and his son-in-law Adam have done an excellent job in picking up where Jacek left off. Thanks to their generous efforts and their employees the company is once again a major player on the Polish market. We gratefully thank them for this."

Under the patronage of Paula and Adam, Jaksa is currently involved in realizing impressive greenhouse projects throughout Poland. "They are a major supplier of turnkey projects, but are also representing a broad group of horticultural technology and supplies. Poland is an important growth market for the greenhouse industry and we are looking confident towards the future with Jaksa as our partner. "

The Dni Ogrodnika Gardener Days were held in Goluchow, a town located 20 minutes north of Poland's main greenhouse area Kalisz. Every first week in September, the city takes center stage for Poland's main event for the local greenhouse industry. The exhibition aims to inform growers and gardeners of plants and vegetables about new technologies and discuss the state of the industry. This year the show once again attracted more exhibitors than its previous edition. If you have interest in visiting or attending the event next year, please visit for more information or send an e-mail to

Publication date: 9/14/2017
Author: Boy de Nijs



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