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Oman: Your plants could soon be sending you text messages

Your home-grown fruit and vegetables could soon be sending you text messages, thanks to a groundbreaking project by Omani students.

The hydroponics system for growing fruits and vegetables is controlled by a system that is programmed to send the owner text messages regarding the status of the plants.

Students from the Al Musanna College of Technology presented a research project to The Research Council that uses hydroponics to grow vegetables and fruits rather than soil or chemical fertilizers. The process pumps water from a fish aquarium to the plants.

Maher Al Busaidi, one of the researchers said, “The entire project is controlled by Arduino, which is a programme that is used to take certain readings of the sensors, temperatures and the flow of water to provide an appropriate environment and condition for the plants and fish.”

“In addition to continuously monitoring the operation, the programme uses a GSM modem to send SMS messages to the owner.”

Read more at the Times of Oman

Publication date: 8/21/2017



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