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Precision Plus Ultra:

Botanicoir presents new growbag with unique open structure

Taking the use of coir substrates to the next level, Botanicoir has launched a ground-breaking new product for the soft-fruit industry at Fruit Focus in the UK last week. 

"We’ve created a new special mix tailored to berry crops, that nobody has made before – an industry first,” says Kalum Balasuriya, who unveiled the product at the event.

“Precision Plus Ultra is capable of rapid hydration, has optimum air-filled porosity, a superior structure, and offers excellent drainage capacity and ease of steering.” 

“We have developed a unique production method that combines three different types of particles, which gives the mix a more open structure and better aeration, which makes it perfect for use in soft fruit crops,” said Kalum. 

Botanicoir's Kalum and Samantha Balasuriya explaining Hon. Minister George Eustice for DEFRA about the advantages of their new Precision Plus Ultra growbags. 

Also speaking at the launch was Paul Bennett, technical head for the Agrovista UK fruit team, and Ashley Wensak, irrigation and bush crops manager at the New Forest Fruit Company, who reported on the success they’ve had with the product. 

The farm business is based in Hampshire, and produces 3,000 tonnes of strawberries annually. 100% of the crop is grown in Precision Plus Ultra.

Initially, they trialled one hectare of the growbags on the crops in the field, glasshouses and in polytunnels. They were so pleased with the results of the substrate’s performance that they decided to convert the whole operation over to the new growbags.

“This year so far, we have seen a 5% yield increase,” said Ashley. “The new growbags have better drainage, higher air-filled porosity due to the ‘Ultra’ particles in the substrate and are consistent, which encourages uniform rooting and produces healthier plants.”

For more information:
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1 Filament Walk
SW18 4GQ
T: +44(0)207 118 0788
F: +44(0)207 691 9526

Publication date: 7/21/2017
Author: Jan Jacob Mekes



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