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US: Organic Ellepots now available at CropKing

CropKing has installed and is now producing certified organic Ellepot propagation plugs. The company is not only using Ellepot plugs in their own production system, but is now also offering organic Ellepots for sale to the market.  

The CropKing organic Ellepot is made with a growing medium certified by the WSDA (Washington State Department of Agriculture) as USDA National Organic Standards compliant. "This organic substrate contains a superior mix of peat, coir, and perlite, providing maximum water retention and aeration ensuring plants start off with excellent nutrition for growth and development", said the company in a news release. 

The CropKing Ellepot solution uses an organic paper sleeve that surrounds and retains the medium. "This sleeve maintains the plug’s shape while allowing for total root penetration. Rooting time for cuttings and transplant shock are reduced while maintaining a healthy, uniform crop for efficient production. These characteristics make Ellepots ideal for automated seeders or transplant machinery".

The current Ellepot options available are 50ct, 72ct, 105ct or 128ct-trays. The Ellepot plugs fit perfectly into CropKing’s food-grade NFT gutter system. CropKing is offering single sample trays of Ellepots available for trials.

Interested in learning more or setting up a trial today? please contact: 
CropKing Inc
+1 330-302-4203

Publication date: 7/6/2017



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