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Greengro to explore German marijuana market

Greengro Technologies announces the launch of the company’s strategy to deliver its franchise into the newly legalized European/German market in partnership with Cannabrands AG, an Austrian based private equity company, specializing in cannabis industry investments.

According to a recent article, “An act to legalize the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes was passed by German parliamentarians. They voted unanimously in favor of the new bill, first approved by the country’s cabinet in May 2016. On Thursday, votes were unanimous in favor of the new “cannabis as medicine” law, which will come into effect March 2017.”

The article dated January 20, 2017 continued by stating: “The law was welcomed by parties on both the left and right. Germany will now create a state-regulated program to cultivate the crop for its medicinal use in the future and to ensure its quality. Until then, plants will be imported.” James Haas, CEO of Greengro Technologies, Inc. stated, “This is the moment of opportunity for entrance into the European market. We are determined to develop a strong presence by bringing our first-rate technologies and instruction to our counterparts abroad through comprehensive and thorough training.” In a twofold strategy, Greengro will initially provide extensive training on premises in the US.”

Upon conclusion of the company’s domestic training endeavors, management will be traveling abroad to provide guidance and foundational support in the launch of Germany’s franchise operations. Haas continued, “This is expected to be one of our most advantageous and rewarding endeavors to date. Providing Cannabrands AG with proven intellectual resources developed successfully in advance, the Companies are, in collaboration, positioned to make an outstanding impact in the European territory during the industry’s infancy.”

In preparation for an anticipated surge in demand, this mutually advantageous partnership enables Cannabrands to establish a working model for franchising Greengro’s Vertical Hydrogarden Stores throughout the European territory.

Student Immersion courses for European Agriculturalists are coupled with a campus-like course of study set up for American focused Cannabis growing systems and techniques. Classes are scheduled to begin on April 1st. Upon conclusion, Deutsche Cannabis AG has invited James M Haas to Germany for presentation as keynote speaker at their scheduled board meeting to discuss further investment opportunities including possible acquisitions that Greengro can be instrumental in facilitating.

According to the agreement, Cannabrands will facilitate the marketing efforts needed to engage qualified students for the USA Cannabis Student Immersion study abroad program. Cannabrands will also be responsible for selecting the appropriate European locations for opening Vertical Hydrogarden franchise stores. Greengro Technologies will be providing educational handbooks, tutorials, instructional manuals, and business practices guidelines for Cannabrands AG’s exclusive use in the operation of its European Vertical Hydrogarden franchise stores and the USA Cannabis Student Immersion Program. The original 50/50 structured joint venture partnership has since been revised to a 100% franchise for CannaBrands AG. Management Plans to travel to Germany early April 2017 to assist in the establishment of a suitable location for the launch of its all new Vertical Hydrogarden store in Germany.

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Publication date: 2/22/2017



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