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India: Goa State offers 100% subsidy for greenhouses

In a bid to revive the State of Goa's sagging agricultural fortunes, the Agriculture department is promoting a greenhouse farming scheme offering an attractive 100% per cent subsidy for the setup and 50% subsidy for the cost of cultivation. The scheme, being offered as part of the Agriculture department’s move into hi-tech precision farming, is aiming at helping farmers achieve up to seven times higher yields in a lesser area through carefully controlling the environment in which the plants are grown helping with better yields.

The department has till date secured around 10 applicants for setting up greenhouse projects all over the State of Goa, with 14 more scheduled to be approved soon.

Explaining the science behind the greenhouse technology, Assistant Director Nevil Alphonso explains that the higher yields are a result of controlling all the five factors that are required in optimum quantity to facilitate plant growth - sunlight, water, humidity, nutrients and pest control.

“In an open environment we can neither control the rain, nor the sun. If there is either too much or too little of any of the factors, the yield is reduced if not completely wasted. Here since we can control the environment the plants give a higher yield,” Alphonso explained.

The greenhouses have a framework of either bamboo or steel and are covered with a transparent polyethylene sheet under which crops are grown in either partially or fully controlled conditions.

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Publication date: 8/19/2013





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