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Advancements in microgreens growing by Grow-Tech

Grow-Tech has watched the market for microgreens grow significantly in recent years. As the demand for microgreens and leafy greens skyrocketed, the company began development of what is now known as BioStrate. This biobased medium has all the characteristics needed to grow top quality microgreens, leafy greens and wheatgrass.

Although microgreens are a short lifecycle crop, growing them in a consistent and efficient manner is not as easy as it seems. High humidity conditions are key to germination and growth. Seeds need an environment with 90% humidity and their roots need to find a humid medium in which to take up nutrients and oxygen. As soon as the roots penetrate the medium and grow out the other side, they need water, preferably in an ebb and flood system. Flooding provides roots with a rush of water and air. As the water ebbs, the growing media holds on to enough water to create a moist environment for the roots until the next flood.
BioStrate felt is designed to hold an optimal ratio of air and water. This is critical as not enough of either can very quickly cause the delicate and minute roots systems to either drown or dry out. Grow-Tech’s first version, BioStrate185gsm, is a 3.5 mm thick mat. However, the need for a thicker material for leafy green production as well as different growing circumstances such as high temperatures, prompted Grow-Tech to develop a 10mm thick version, BioStrate 300gsm.
To provide organically certified growers with a media option, Grow-Tech launched a product called PUREgrown hemp-felt this year. This product comes in 3 different thicknesses for the professional market. PUREgrown is available in 450 gsm (3mm), 750gsm (5mm) and 1300gsm (10mm) thicknesses. The 450gsm and 750gsm are very suitable for the microgreens market. The 1300gsm version is commonly used in the production of leafy greens. Growers now have a full range of options for finding the medium that does best in their particular situation.

Grow-Tech serves the global professional market from South Portland, Maine. The product is also available for home growers by a distribution network throughout the USA.

For more information:
165 Pleasant Ave
South Portland, ME 04106
Tel: +1 (207) 353-5005

Publication date: 1/9/2017



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