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Buying own cleaning machine becomes more attractive:

Be prepared to clean the inner glass by the end of the season

While the end of the season may still seem a bit far away, you'd better be well prepared for it and have a look at your disinfection strategies. Are you going to clean the inside of your greenhouse while empty? And if yes, are you going to do it by hand, hire a contractor or do a bit of DIY and build your own cleaning machine? Perhaps it is a good idea to have a look at the AquaJet that Dutch machine manufacturer Van der Waay has available...

Van der Waay designed the robust AquaJet tube rail cart after they noticed many growers were struggling to find a good machine to get the inside of their greenhouses clean. The cart, which runs on a gasoline motor and has a built-in high-pressure pump, is specially designed to clean the glass and gutters of your empty greenhouses quickly and with the lowest possible amount of labor.

Cleaning the inner glass with the AquaJet

"Cleaning the greenhouses is usually a hell of a job, no matter the size of the operation", explained Tom Zwanenburg of Van der Waay. "With the AquaJet it will only take 1 person to apply a cleaning agent and flushing after 1 hectare of roof plus the gable facades per workday."  Furthermore Van der Waay has an additional hanging gutter cleaning unit available for the AquaJet.

Cleaning the hanging gutters on the way back with the additional gutter unit.

The design of the AquaJet is very robust and long-lasting. Zwanenburg explained that they looked closely at the circumstances the machines would be used in, based on their experience with previous designs. "These machines are used in very wet and heavy situations, hence we made sure that the AquaJet would be tough enough to withstand this. There is not too much stuff like automation, sensors and electronics involved in the design, as electronics and water usually are not a good combination. On the other hand, we designed the flow of the cleaning agents (in most cases Fluor) and the water in a special circuit, so the fluor is not going through the pump, but dosed with the output water flow after the pump. This makes the system long lasting too, as the fluor has no chance to damage vital parts of the AquaJet's pump. If maintained well, the machine is guaranteed to run for years without any major problems."

According to Zwanenburg, the AquaJet can already be interesting for growers that have 1 or more hectares of glass greenhouse. "In the past we used to sell a lot of these machines to contractors, but more recently a lot of growers all over the world realize the benefits of having their own machines. They now see that they can do the job themselves at any given time with the lowest physical burden for the staff. Only 1 worker is needed to clean a hectare a day and he can continuously disinfect and rinse without too much hassle. This gives the machine a very good ROI."

The AquaJet is available for almost any Venlo glass greenhouse operation; it comes with an adjustable spray mast, adjustable tube rail size and 150 meters of hose on the reel.

For more information:
Van der Waay
Tom Zwanenburg
Tel.: +31 (0)613005273 of +31 (0)172-210311

Publication date: 11/10/2017
Author: Boy de Nijs



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