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Drainage control improves quality, lowers costs

Innovations focused on drainage control are proving to be highly profitable in different areas, from Canada and Mexico to Australia and New Zealand to Spain, Italy, South Korea and others. This video from Kingsville, Canada, demonstrates the differences between efficient and non efficient systems regarding drainage control and roots development.

Currently, in most countries, even with high tech hanging gutters, roots are normally in direct contact with drainages along crop lines, due to a lack of space between slabs and gutters. This can increase the risk of diseases, with additional costs and production damages as a result. The main issue is how to assure proper drainage circulation and avoid root contact with leachates.

Hydroponic Systems has developped this special gutter system to assure a better drainage control. Reactions among growers concerning Hydroponic Systems solution are positive so far. The company's R&D engineers continue to work on new solutions for drainage control for hydroponic crops on various greenhouse technology levels, with custom-made options.

For more information:
Hydroponic Systems
Vahid Bagheri

Publication date: 11/23/2015



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