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Raúl Morales, Hortalizas La Gracia

Mexico: Efficient drainage control reduces disease pressure

Mexican grower Hortalizas La Gracia in Puebla has recently installed an efficient gutter solution that saves money on crop protection and improves their production. According to production manager Raúl Morales, the gutter system has contributed to better crop control and healthier root systems at their greenhouse operation.

In this video, Morales explains why he prefers the new innovative gutter system from Hydroponic Systems, above traditional installations. "The system allows perfect drainage and improves the evacuation and recirculation of irrigation water. Furthermore, we experience improved humidity control, less fertilizer spills and save more water. The roots are never in contact with leach, disease pressure decreases, while the substrate performance and roots development improves. This, all against an investment that can be paid back in a relatively short time."

According to Morales, the gutters also contribute to a better airflow between the substrate bag and drainage gutter. "An added benefit is the fixed dripper line, it looks very tidy and organized in our greenhouse, and the dripper lines are better protected against damage from workers or carts."

Hydroponics Systems' internationally patented gutter spacer solution is tested by growers in different countries like Canada, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, South Korea, New Zealand and Australia. "All of them have experienced positive results," said Vahid Bagheri of Hydroponic Systems. "Since the introduction of our design on the market, we immediately received much interest, apparently there was a big demand for a revised system that would tackle the common disease problems."

For more information:
Hydroponic Systems International
Tel: + 34 968 89 81 81
Murcia, Spain

In collaboration with:

Millenniumsoils Coir
Jorge Escobar
0052 1 905 933 4826

Hydroponic Systems will be exhibiting at the 2015 Expo AgroAlimentaria in Irapuato this year.

Publication date: 10/13/2015
Author: Boy de Nijs



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