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Expo AgroAlimentaria, Irapuato stand 912 / 940:

Mexico: Leyton Greenhouse and Riococo expand sales team

For the fifth consecutive year Riococo and Leyton Greenhouse will be taking part in the Expo Agroalimentaria Guanajauato in Irapuato next week,  from Nov 11-15th. Mexico is an important market for Riococo coir substrate. "Our market in Mexico expands every year," said Shan Halamba of Riococo. "We are very proud to work with many growers in Mexico, whether they are large leading companies, or smaller growers, each time it is a pleasure to serve them with a substrate solution that fits their requirements."

Leyton Greenhouse & Supply is the official distributor for Riococo in Mexico. According to Edgar Leyton, the atmosphere in the Mexican industry is good and the spirit of the growers is positive. "Many growers are driven to become very good producers, that's why it is also a busy times for us supplying them with the necessary materials needed to become more successful," he said.

As Leyton is very close with the Mexican industry, he is able to give a good overview of trends amongst his customers. He said that he and his team are having lots of works with supplying more high tech greenhouse materials. "The Mexican growers are very aware of the fact that good supplies can contribute to better quality and better yields and nothing is left to chance. They are willing to invest in costly materials like premium quality growing bags or even high end shading agents. That is why the exhibition Expo Agro Alimetaria Guanajuato is one of the most important events for us. It is the place to catch up with them and make preparations for the new season."

Pilar Morales Trasvina

The increase in greenhouse supplies was also a reason for Leyton to expand it's sales team with Pilar Morales Trasvina. "She has extensive experience in the industry and we welcome her in our team. We invite our customers to come to the show and meet Pilar and the rest of us at booth 912 / 940

For more information

For more information:
Leyton Greenhouse and Supply
Edgar Leyton (e-mail)

Publication date: 11/7/2014
Author: Boy de Nijs



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