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Pure Harvest is an agri-tech start-up based here in the UAE. We develop tech-enabled, controlled environment farms to grow and sell delicious plants in the local markets where we operate. We supply a range of elite restaurants & hotels and supermarkets, and our products are selling out across the UAE. Our brand is associated with delicious produce, and we are quickly building a loyal and vocal customer base. We are now expanding into new crops (strawberries and leafy greens) and new geographies (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait). Technology, data, and innovation are core to our ethos, and our mission is to revolutionise agriculture in the region. We are passionate about what we do and are committed to resource efficiency and overcoming the challenges associated with food import dependence, water scarcity, and sustainability.

We are looking for growers in Haradh, Saudi Arabia which is a remote location 2 hours’ drive from the border of the UAE and 3 hours’ drive from Riyad.

If you are passionate about growing, if you want to learn how to grow in the most advanced greenhouses in the world, if you want to grow healthy and safe fresh produce in the middle of the desert, if you are a fast learner, if you have a background in growing or have an education that have given you enough exposure to growing, if you don’t mind to stay in remote areas for weeks on a row, than…… we invite you to apply for grower or assistant grower in Pure Harvest.

We encourage growers to apply with a background or education in the following crops; Tomatoes, Lettuces, Berries, Sweet pepper, Eggplant, Cucumber and Courgette

Please note before applying: our people define our success and we take hiring seriously.  Interviewing with Pure Harvest may include video and phone interviews and/or off-site interviews.  Though not required, we highly recommend that you submit a cover letter that outlines the key attributes of your candidacy & demonstrates that you understand and are qualified for this unique/ challenging role.  Also, we complete both formal and informal reference checks for all hires.  Please be prepared to submit references upon request. Although we are unable to follow-up with each-and-every applicant, we do our absolute best to conduct a systematic hiring process for candidates with whom we identify a potential fit.

Please submit CVs and cover letters to: 

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