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Day 1of The VINE trip to The Netherlands, included a great visit to a large orange bell pepper greenhouse, @BezoekAgriport . We learned about the growing & harvesting processes + their sustainable energy methods that took a cooperative effort frm multiple farmers to make possible. — The VINE (@VINE_io) December…


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For this special #ThrowbackThursday we have uncovered proof that Orangeline Farms president has always had a keen interest in cultivating #peppers #growwhatyouknow #nationalpeppermonth #HealthyFood — Zing! Healthy Foods (@zinghealthyfood) November 29, 2018


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Back to study yesterday learning about the whole Medical Marijuana growing process and associated detail. This will certainly be a crop that will keep many of us busy refining ideal growing conditions and climates. Thanks to the team at Pharmout and Andy Exner for the event. — Tony Bundock (@GenesisHort) November…



Tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce and many other foods can be grown without #soils ! In hydroponics, plants receive the nutrients they need through a solution that delivers water and minerals directly to their roots. #ZeroHunger — FAO (@FAO) November 27, 2018


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