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Special Starting Material

University of Tsukuba

Mutant tomato helps crack the secrets of fruiting

It may sound like something out of a science fiction B-movie, but with the help of a mutant tomato, researchers from Japan have discovered that the development process of fruit rewires their central metabolism pathway. In a study published this month in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of…

Bejo Seeds

Bejo's Open House Tour now available on YouTube

Bejo Seeds Inc. held its first ever Virtual Open House on September 1, 2020. The virtual event gathered commercial growers, farm market growers, industry professionals and many more to the one day webinar that featured 13 different crop groups brought to you by Chelsey Lenczyk (Bejo Seeds Sales and…

Johnny's Selected Seeds

This year's unsolicited seed scare highlights the work of legitimate seed growers

If you've ever wondered where those vegetable seeds you sow come from, the answer of late seems to be in mysterious little packages from somewhere in China. You may have caught the recent headlines about thousands of Americans receiving what appear to be seeds of cucumbers, peppers and other popular…

EPSO statement

"Detecting a point mutation does not clarify its origin"

In response to a recent press release by Greenpeace, a prepared statement by the European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO) states that detecting a point mutation does not…

Market study on plant propagation material in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is moving from an inward-oriented economic model towards a more open, integrated and export-driven economy. With the support of the EU, World Bank, FAO and Asian Development Bank, an agri-food development strategy for 2020–2030 was created by the Ministry of Agriculture of Uzbekistan and…


Pioneering in Southern China:

Young plant nursery to support region with quality vegetable seedlings

In Tiandong County, a beautiful place located in the Guangxi province, Mr Luo and Professor Yu of the Guangxi University of Agricultural Sciences, shared one ambitious goal: to provide the population with high quality and healthy produce. They were looking for an advanced and clean solution to grow the…


Autonomous germination rate and vitality measurements

Germination rate and vitality are important factors for determining the quality of seed batches. To this day, the measurement process is hardly automated, and therefore labor intense, expensive, and prone to errors. These errors can lead to costly claims for seed breeders or young plant growers when…

Monika Wisniewska |

Euroseeds: "Much ado about nothing, really"

Greenpeace claims open source detection test can detect gene-edited GM crop

Greenpeace, together with other non-governmental organisations, non-GMO food associations and a food retailer, claims that the first-ever public detection method for a gene-edited crop has been successfully developed and published. The new research refutes claims by the biotech industry and some…

Evogene announces $10 mln equity investment led by ARK Investment Management

Evogene  has entered into a definitive agreement with ARK Investment Management, LLC and Alpha Capital Anstalt in connection with a registered direct offering of ordinary shares…

Tracy Lee appointed to lead

Sakata Seed America announces formation of CEA department

Sakata Seed America announced the formation of a Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) department. This new department will focus on indoor agriculture, a growing segment of the produce industry that focuses both on traditional greenhouse production as well as specialized vertical farming. According…

"This is the gene!"

Newly identified gene grants tomatoes resistance to bacterial speck disease

Bacterial speck disease, which reduces both fruit yield and quality, has been a growing problem in tomatoes over the last five years. Because the culpable bacterium prefers a cool and wet climate, crops in places such as New York State have been particularly susceptible. A tomato plant with the newly…

Far-red light enhances density of tomato seedlings

Brandon Huber, a Ph.D. candidate of Horticultural Science, shared some of his tomato research to help people better understand indoor controlled environmental horticulture and its impact on young plant production. While studying indoor controlled environmental horticulture under the direction of Ricardo…

Bejo Zaden

Improved seed coating and a new colour for organic seeds

As of September 2020, Bejo introduces a new organic coating with a yellowish colour. The non-chemically treated seed remains white, so the seeds can be clearly distinguished from each other.  The new, yellowish organic coating and the white non-chemically coating will be transitioned to the company's new sustainable…

Special Starting Material

Good quality starting material is very important in the horti- and floriculture sector. The quality of the crop is inextricably linked to the quality of the starting material that has been used. With virus pressure getting higher and higher, this subject has become even more important. Therefore, this month we are focusing on…

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