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Special Energy

Lose as little heat in the greenhouse as possible

The selection and design of heating equipment depends on how much heat will be lost from the greenhouse, as well as the availability and cost of fuel. Heat loss is a function…

SPRHOUT generates solar thermal power for greenhouse farm

The team with Solho (Solar Horticulture) recently went and visited the SPRHOUT (Solar Powered Off-grid Horticultural UniT) in France. Read more about this installation in this article.  The novel control unit and software for safe and autonomous operation was installed successfully, and is now generating solar…

tinted solar panels:

Generating clean energy while growing food

In a future world, leafy vegetables may not be grown in rows of crops under the sun. Instead, they may be grown indoors beneath tinted semi-transparent solar panels that will allow farmers to grow food and produce energy. That’s the future imagined in a recent study that shows how the use of this…


Energy class action in Queensland

Piper Alderman is representing all business and residential electricity consumers in Queensland in a class action brought against electricity generators, Stanwell Corporation Limited and CS Energy Limited. The QLD Energy Class Action is a legal claim that alleges Stanwell and CS Energy gamed the…

UK: Extension of non-domestic RHI can help businesses make vital energy savings

The announcement by the Government that the deadline for eligible applications to the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (NDRHI) is to be extended by six months is much…

Arlette Sijmonsma

Energy simulation model for control of multi-span greenhouse microclimate

In a recent study, a building energy simulation model of a multi-span greenhouse using a transient system simulation program to simulate greenhouse micro environments was proposed. The proposed model allows daily and seasonal control of screens, roof vents, and heating setpoints according to crop needs.…

'Trees haven't seen water in over 40 days' Ignasi Such

Egyptian farmers fear impact of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

At the moment, Egyptian horticultural growers are afraid that a dam Ethiopia is building on the Blue Nile, the Nile's main tributary, could add to the severe water shortages…

NFU Energy

UK: Changes to non-domestic RHI support and COVID-19 response

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy has announced further COVID-19 related extensions to the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). This is to cover non-Tariff Guarantee (TG) participants who have already committed funds to the project (prior to the 17 August 2020). This…

NFU Energy

NFU Energy:

"Generators with a G59 relay must act now"

Any generators installed in the UK before February 2018 with a G59 relay needs to be updated to the new G59 relay rules by September 2022. Those who act quickly may be able to have costs reimbursed through the Accelerated Loss-of-Mains Change Programme (ALoMCP). The power generation industry has changed…

RF Agriculture

Best types of grow lights for flower and bloom grow cycle

When growing in a commercial greenhouse, all aspects need to be controlled and kept at the optimum levels for plants to grow and thrive. Anything less than optimal will lead to undue stress and will affect the overall quality and yields of crops. Proper lighting is one of the essential elements in a…


Households are the largest users of fossil fuels in the US food system

Knowing where natural resource use accumulates is fundamental to understanding what factors influence resource-use decisions. A recent Economic Research Service (ERS) study estimated natural resource use by the U.S. food system in 2007 (2007 data were the latest available with the level of detail needed…

Wageningen University & Research

webinar on September 2nd

Automated solutions to optimize the energy balance of your crop

In June team AuTomatoes won the second edition of Wageningen University’s Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge. There was no discussion about the team’s win, they scored highest on all three grading criteria, making them the absolute winner. In their strategy the team applied the principles of Plant…


More light into the greenhouse in three steps

An old growers' saying has it that 1% more light yields 1% higher production. Scientists have since shown that this is in fact a bit more nuanced: depending on the crop this…

NFU Energy

UK: Update on all things RHI

"We hope you are doing well in these unprecedented times and we wanted to take this opportunity to share a few things going on in the world of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)," writes the team with NFU Energy.  Ofgem update industry on RHI tariff guaranteeFollowing the announcement from BEIS regarding the RHI extension for tariff…


Whitepaper on energy saving measures

Metaflex wrote a white paper on energy loss via refrigeration doors and energy-saving measures. In the food industry, refrigeration and freezer doors are of paramount importance for maintaining product quality. A large amount of energy is required to keep the temperature in your refrigeration or freezer…

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