"Everybody said we couldn't do it"

Happy New Year! Here's the best of the last: the best read articles from 2022

Almost everybody knows the feeling of somebody telling you that you will fail and then succeeding after all. Feels pretty good, right? Well, that might be why our best-read article of 2022 was about that.

Hans Kik decided to grow high-wire in a greenhouse in 1978 with then 'progressive' plant height of 3 meters. "We did a trial in 2013. Everyone said: 'That's not really possible, high-wire cultivation in such a low greenhouse.' Yet we did it successfully for years."

Traditionally among our best-read articles are bankruptcies, unfortunately. This year many articles on growers having to stop their business because of the energy prices made it into the top. Then there are expansion plans, acquisitions, grower stories, and, well, have a look yourself.


Published Title
09-02-2022 "Everybody said we couldn't grow high-wire in such a low greenhouse"
25-02-2022 "The story of an accountant falling for hydroponic farming"
13-01-2022 "The container is essential to determine the quality of the plant"
04-01-2022 Finland: 11.000m2 hybrid vertical farm constructed near Helsinki
10-02-2022 India: Chennai man grows 6000 plants in his backyard
03-01-2022 Here are last year's best read articles: vertical farming, strawberries and sustainable initiatives
25-04-2022 "Honduras greenhouse park to become the largest producer-exporter in the Central American region"
06-01-2022 “I have to throw away my crops because of energy prices”
01-09-2022 One of Sweden's largest tomato growers to stop cultivation during winter
05-10-2022 Dutch young plant producer Plantise quits
06-12-2022 "Our foliage plants grow bigger, faster, and more efficiently"
21-01-2022 Whitefly prevention with liquid nutritional plant enhancer
03-05-2022 Netherlands: Codema Systems Group declared bankrupt
09-12-2022 Shannon Illingworth explains why lettuce and spinach keep getting contaminated with E. Coli
06-01-2022 "In a decade, only a handful of greenhouse companies will survive"
19-04-2022 Shanghai: Young people who can't get vegetables start to "help themselves" through hydroponic vegetables
04-01-2022 "We're much more than a greenhouse builder"
02-11-2022 Zambia: "We produce 5,000 units of lettuce per week, per tunnel, year-round"
07-11-2022 UK growers stop planting and put nurseries on sale amidst energy crisis and labor shortage
26-04-2022 Canada: Dutch holding company acquires Ontario Plants Propagation
04-01-2022 Breeders TomaTech and Nirit Seeds acquired by Israel private equity fund
14-07-2022 Vertical farming technologies tool in researching and fighting diseases
16-02-2022 Singapore: Rice grown at vertical farm in block of flats
06-01-2022 Worldwide tomato production exceeds 186,800 million kilos
25-01-2022 Robotic system for tomato plant lowering
11-07-2022 New robot to lower a plant every 10 to 20 seconds
04-03-2022 What is the future of the Metaverse for indoor agriculture?
28-10-2022 Family business: growing tomatoes in greenhouses for over 60 years with an eye on innovations
08-06-2022 New semi-closed greenhouse solution launched
31-05-2022 Russia's Gazprom cuts off natural-gas supply to the Netherlands
24-05-2022 12 horticultural robots to keep an eye out for
22-02-2022 "This project shows the future of cultivation for China and the Netherlands"
05-01-2022 "Far-red light has a positive effect on strawberries"
24-01-2022 Growing old style tasty tomatoes with new technologies
13-04-2022 UK faces tomato shortage amid rising energy costs
02-09-2022 Wasabi grower discovering new greenhouse crops
15-02-2022 The Netherlands: Natural gas - why are the costs increasing so much?
07-06-2022 "Minimizing the work in the greenhouse is our main goal"
01-07-2022 Hydroponics cultivation growing fast in India
11-08-2022 New packaging for hydroponic fertilizer launched
10-02-2022 "We want to meet the year-round demand for local lettuces via hydroponics"
11-04-2022 "Private equity is inextricably linked with Dutch greenhouse horticulture"
18-02-2022 “It doesn’t make financial sense to plant”
20-04-2022 Google meets agriculture at Go Green Agriculture
19-08-2022 Grower eyes 20ha strawberry expansion to meet skyrocketing demand in Canada
12-07-2022 German retailer Kaufland and horti-family Reichenspurner open new greenhouse
18-03-2022 Root disease management in hydroponic systems
18-01-2022 Derek Hargreaves ‘A Remarkable Man’
01-04-2022 The most remarkable product introductions of today!
20-09-2022 UK strawberry grower uses UV-light robot to keep powdery mildew at bay

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