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"High production has never tasted better"

Growers all over North-Western Europe are currently carrying out small or larger trials with a new variety of vine tomatoes. The variety, 8C18301, was named Cibello last May. The vine tomato in the medium coarse segment is doing well in taste, presentation, and production concludes the breeding company Syngenta with satisfaction. "What we already saw in previous trials and with growers last season has now been confirmed for us," says Arthur van Marrewijk, AGH Technical Manager.

The vine tomato variety combines flavor and production, which is always challenging for breeders. Peter Colbers, Technical Sales Representative: "At the moment, I have the variety planted by growers next to strong production varieties, and Cibello compares well to them. The variety is often even higher in production." According to the product specialist, it was said in the past that you could not achieve high amounts of kilos with a good flavor, but that does not apply to this variety. "The variety is also in the top of the league when it comes to taste, even in Germany where they usually set very high standards for taste."

The taste, which was positively assessed by several taste panels, can also be expressed in figures. The Brix value is one of them. Growers use it to compare varieties. Cibello achieves a Brix value of 4.5 to over 5 in summer. "That is clearly higher than reference varieties," says Peter. Flavour is not just brix, however, as he stresses. "It is the combination of taste elements that makes this variety score well. The variety also has good acidity and is juicy." Arthur also points to the presentation. "The variety is deep red, inside and out. We have never seen this so strongly in vine tomatoes. Cibello's flat vines also stand out."

Pictured on the right: Peter Colbers

With and without lighting
After the first year of trials with growers, the breeding company was convinced 'that this was the variety' for the medium-sized vines. Also, because of the cultivation. "The production is some four to seven percent higher than the reference varieties in the market," says Arthur. "That's where the variety comes in because of good cluster production while maintaining fruit weight."

At Tomato Vision, the variety is on trial again, just like last year. A trial will also follow next year. Syngenta also had the variety in a lighted trial last winter. "This winter, we are setting up another such trial," confirms Arthur. "We also see potential here because of the fairly open plant type, easy setting, good production of flowers, not too much vegetative growth, and plenty of vigor."

Generative vigor 
Arthur calls it an 'easy to grow' variety. Peter even dares to say that it is an 'everyman's friend.' "The variety also recovers easily and remains in good balance. The variety remains generatively vigorous. This allows you to grow the variety in a relatively energy-friendly way."

Pictured on the right: Arthur on the stairs at Tomato Vision

Cibello is equipped with a complete common resistance package. ToBRFV resistance is being worked on. "In 2023, we expect to have equipped the variety with intermediate resistance. Resistance to ToBRFV is currently a top priority for all our varieties. Ultimately, we want to move towards full resistance."

Graphic representation of WUR taste test panel

Open Day
Resistance, just like the manner of growth of the variety, is what the grower is primarily looking at. The other side of the chain, including the supermarket chains, is very interested in flavor. "That is why we want to include retail in the story of Cibello. We like to show how strong this variety is in production, taste, and shelf life."

This can be done, among other things, during the Open Day that Syngenta organizes. This year it will take place on September 8. Both growers and retailers are welcome. But what if a grower wants to plant hectares in one go? "Then we have the seeds available, and they can be sown as early as October for next season," Arthur indicates. "We have every confidence in Cibello. It is a beautiful picture in which everything comes together."

Cibello produces flat vines

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