China: Looking into a 73 hectare greenhouse park

Located in Yunnan, China, the Dali Springwoods Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park project (hereinafter referred to as the Park) has a total investment of 500 million RMB and covers an area of 73.3 hectares. After the overall completion of the Park, it will include high-tech planting areas, production and processing supporting areas, data monitoring and management areas, and sightseeing and popular science areas. Cherry tomatoes are its main products, and several varieties won the "Top 10 Famous Products in Yunnan Province in 2021".

In the second phase of the Park, the high-end glass greenhouse KING ONE (K1) has a construction area of 36,000 square meters. It adopts digital greenhouse climate control to avoid losses caused by extreme weather. Under the changeable plateau climate, the greenhouse can ensure stable and suitable crop growth. Soilless cultivation technology solves the problem that soil cultivation needs to be rotated with other crops, and achieves continuous supply throughout the year. The precise automatic system controls water and fertilizer irrigation, which ensures the consistency of cherry tomato quality and the stability of taste.

Mr. Lai Ganfeng, Senior Vice President of Srpingwoods Group and CEO of Springwoods Agricultural Technology, believes that technology is the primary productive force, and planting itself is life science. Planting must first respect the laws of nature and plant growth, and understand the interaction between plant growth and the environment. In terms of its complexity and sophistication, the sensitivity and multi-dimensionality of data requirements, the technological content is no lower than that of 5G and the Internet.

Therefore, Dali Springwoods K1 glass greenhouse is equipped with a series of high-tech applications. For example, the K1 glass greenhouse is all made of diffused glass with high light transmittance, which can realize the ideal day and night temperature difference control of 8°C. Priva is also very honored to be involved in this project. The greenhouse adopts the Priva greenhouse environment control system specially developed for plant growth - Priva Connext process control computer as the central control system to ensure the precise control of climate, energy and irrigation and other key planting processes. Real-time monitoring of climate change through Priva's outdoor weather station, combined with various data collected by Priva's indoor sensors, the Priva Connext system uses "feed-forward" forecasting technology to calculate the actual energy demand and required time in advance, and precisely ensure that all equipment and the system is fully integrated and synchronized, thereby effectively reducing energy consumption. The system collects the CO2 produced by the combustion of the boiler and transports it to the greenhouse through the pipeline system as the CO2 gas and fertilizer supply for the crops. The supply of CO2 will also be accurately controlled in real-time according to changes in the related air exchange such as radiation and window controls.

Priva Office Direct, the powerful visual operation interface makes the performance of the Priva Connext process control computer system to the best of its ability to monitor, set and display all process control information in the Park in real-time.

The project builds rainwater recycle pond to achieve 100% rainwater collection. Priva Vialux M-Line UV disinfection machine can efficiently and safely kill organisms such as fungi, bacteria and viruses in the irrigation water, significantly control crop diseases, ensure the safety of irrigation water recycling, and realize zero-emission, no pollution, more energy-saving and environmental protection of irrigation. The Priva NutriFlex fertilizer applicator is controlled by Priva Connext to flexibly formulate fertilizers and irrigate accurately according to the real-time needs of the crops, so as to ensure that the crops can obtain the best amount of water and fertilizer irrigation during each irrigation process, and efficiently improve the water and fertilizer utilization rate.

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