Chinese shoppers tune in to watch the tomatoes grow

"They are really beautiful, like a string of gems, green and red. Hello, friends in this live room. This is the Suning Carrefour Beijing Tianzhu store live room, I am in Beijing Hongfu Agricultural Daxing Modern Intelligent Park." On May 30, following the success of the first live broadcast event, Hongfu Tomato once again opened the second live broadcast event with Suning Carrefour.

During the live broadcast, Kitty and Lele, the Carrefour Purchasing Director of North China District, walked into Hongfu Agriculture's modern agricultural park, showed the growing environment of Hongfu to live broadcast audiences, distributed discount coupons, and broadcast live discounts. They also explored many growth mysteries behind Hongfu tomatoes for consumers. During the live broadcast, they also invited Dr. Liu, a technical expert of Hongfu Agriculture, to answer questions interactively to satisfy consumers' curiosity about this high-quality tomato.

How does Hongfu Agriculture guarantee the safety of "Hongfu tomatoes"?
"With the improvement of people's living standards, everyone cares about the safety of the dining table. For agricultural products, the most important thing is safety. So how does Hongfu Agriculture ensure the food safety of 'Hongfu Tomatoes'?" The host first asked the technical experts of Hongfu Agriculture, and Dr. Liu gave the answer about the growth environment: first of all, it is necessary to ensure the absolute safety of the growing environment of plants, without the use of artificial hormones, and using natural pollination by bumblebees.

Why are the fruits of Hongfu tomatoes even and uniform?
Dr. Liu: "The environment is uniform, the growing environment is the same, and the appearance can be the same. Traditional tomatoes are mostly artificially pollinated, and the pollination method determines that they cannot be uniform. However, Hongfu tomatoes are pollinated by bumblebees, which is consistent with the pollination method in a purely natural environment. It is uniformly pollinated and the growing environment is consistent. As a result, they are uniform in size and naturally mature with full seeds."

Why are Hongfu tomatoes healthy and safe?
A netizen asked, "Why are Hongfu tomatoes are healthy and safe? How can it be guaranteed?" Dr. Liu replied that, "Hongfu plants are all grown in customized cocopeat, and most of the crop pests are actually spread through soil. Using cocopeat we can isolate pesticide residues, heavy metals and other substances from the soil."

What is bumblebee pollination? What are the advantages?
"Why does Hongfu use Dutch imported bumblebee pollination? What are the advantages?" Dr. Liu argued that many tomatoes in the market are pollinated by artificial hormones. "Because of the large amount of spraying, the hormone dosage of each tomato cannot be controlled. This pollination method determines that the tomatoes are not safe from the source. The bumblebee pollination of Hongfu tomatoes is the same as that of tomato pollination in nature. It is a pure natural pollination method so that it can be green and safe."

How to choose a safe tomato?
"So how should consumers choose safe tomatoes?" The answer is "fruits with full seeds." The host also called on consumers at Carrefour stores to compare Hongfu tomatoes with ordinary tomatoes. "Peel a tomato from Hongfu randomly, you can see it has full seeds, red or yellow. When the ordinary tomatoes are broken apart, the seeds are green or even seedless. The reason is that the fruit pollinated by hormones, although red in appearance, is not ripe inside. And breaking apart a Hongfu tomato, you can see full of seeds, which means all of which are naturally mature and high-quality tomatoes."

Liu Tao, the general sales manager of Hongfu Agriculture, also appeared in the live broadcast room to show netizens a variety of production methods of Hongfu tomatoes and even squeezed tomato juice on the spot.

This kind of live broadcast has been carried out in Carrefour stores in Beijing for two consecutive times, with high consumer ratings. Consumers watch live broadcasts on the Suning app while online. With the features of live broadcast ordering, convenient sharing, and many discounts, they can conveniently place orders. Within 1.5 hours of the live broadcast, a total of 30,000 viewers were reached in Beijing. In the offline Carrefour stores in the Beijing area, consumers can enjoy the live broadcast on the big screen while purchasing Hongfu products.

At present, Hongfu Agricultural's "Hongfu Tomato" has entered supermarkets such as Carrefour, China Resources, AEON, RT-Mart, Hema Xiansheng, and others. They often invite consumers to enter the greenhouses with a series of activities. Some colleges and universities have also established themselves at Hongfu Agriculture in order to let students get a closer understanding of modern agricultural technology. These colleges and universities can establish a practice base in Hongfu Agriculture to enhance their learning and understanding of facility agriculture.


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