China: Jiufeng Agricultural Expo Park, selling products and also landscapes

Entering the intelligent sightseeing greenhouse of Xiangshui Jiufeng Agricultural Expo Park, is like entering a fantastic “flower and fruit castle”. The flowers in the garden are blooming, the fruits are fragrant, and more than 360 kinds of unique solanaceous foods have different shapes and colors. It’s fascinating to move around and enjoy the view.

Jiufeng Agricultural Expo Park is committed to building China's largest plant factory. The first phase of the project has a total investment of 1 billion RMB. It was opened in mid-December 2018. The core area covers an area of ​​2,000 mu, including 30,000 m2 of intelligent sightseeing greenhouses, 400 mu of high-standard winter-heated vegetable greenhouses, and 1,000 mu of multi-functional multi-span greenhouse, 2,500 m2 of modern farmers training center, etc., combines the most advanced vegetable cultivation technology, the most modern agricultural management mode and the most close integration of the three industries.

The intelligent sightseeing greenhouse here is the largest single agricultural demonstration hall, and a demonstration park for the integrated development of agriculture, tourism and culture in East China. At the entrance of Jiufeng Agricultural Expo Park, the service staff displays various fruits and was busy introducing the names, planting methods and nutritional value of each variety to the tourists. On-site, small and unique pocket pumpkins become the children's favorite. These pumpkins can be eaten or used as crafts, toys or ornaments.

Not only that, on both sides of the path, the park has an introduction about each agricultural product. Visitors only need to use the mobile phone to scan the QR code, then they can understand the functions, planting modes and vegetable varieties in the planting area. The park is committed to providing comprehensive industrial chain services such as popular science promotion, sightseeing and entertainment, and self-service picking.

Walking along the path, snack cucumbers, snack tomatoes, melons, peppers, hydroponic mustard, arugula, etc. in the greenhouse are full of novelty and uniqueness. "This high-tech intelligent greenhouse mainly has four characteristics: all-around, innovative, novel and special." Feng Ziyuan, general manager of the Agricultural Expo Park said, the park is mainly promoted in the varieties, technologies, products, and modes.

The intelligent greenhouse introduced the cultivation and management technology of modern agriculture from the Netherlands, which drives the comprehensive innovation of the vegetable industry planting model. The soilless cultivation mode doesn’t need soil, as long as the proportion of water and nutrient solution is matched, A-shaped pile, H-shaped pile, the type of leaky windows, the type of columns, etc. compose the beautiful landscape. Box-type soilless cultivation covers a small area with high output. The tomatoes can continue to set fruits, the cumulative output can reach 3,000 kg, and 1 labor force can manage 200 boxes.

3D-pipe cultivation is like a sailboat sailing in the sea, with vertical-layer cultivation, making full use of greenhouse space and solar energy, increasing land utilization rate by 3 to 5 times, and increasing production per unit area by 2 to 3 times. Spiral hydroponic is efficient, safe, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It is suitable for cultivating various dwarf, hanging herbs and various leafy vegetables. A-shaped pipe cultivation makes plants grow actively. The yield of the column-type cultivation can reach 5 times that of the conventional cultivation mode.

The fish and vegetable symbiosis system area creates a circulating water system. 1 kg of fish feed can produce 50 kg of vegetables and 0.8 kg of fish. Wall cultivation realizes 3D planting, effectively utilizing space and saving the land. In Jiufeng Agricultural Expo Park, you can not only appreciate the wonders of new technologies for soilless cultivation, but also the rich fruits with these various leading technologies.

The biological mosquito-isolation technology is with low costs and high quality of the product; the black-film covering technology has a strong fertilizer-preserving ability, good water retention capacity, inhibits weeds growing, and improves the quality and yield of fruits and vegetables. The grafting seedling technology, two different fruits can be produced on one plant. Using more than 30 bumblebees per mu to pollinate to ensure a good harvest in cold winter and spring; 300-meter-long "Golden Avenue" uses the truss planting technology to make the crops climb along with the artificially constructed porches... In the characteristic planting area, the vegetables and fruits in different colors are neat and orderly, the green vines cover the passage, and the colorful special fruits are drooping, which is eye-catching.

The intelligent sightseeing outdoor is a greenhouse for production in the park. Considering the low temperatures in winter, Jiufeng Agricultural Expo Park has built a high standard winter warm greenhouse. The greenhouse mainly grows solanaceous vegetables, such as eggplant, pepper, and tomatoes, which are mainly sold to high-end supermarkets in Beijing and Shanghai. The winter-heated greenhouse can be planted in two seasons a year. The winter-heated greenhouses have an average of 5 mu per greenhouse, and the yield per mu is about 17,500 kg.

In addition to the winter-heated greenhouse, the park also has multi-functional multi-span production plastic greenhouses, mainly planting cabbage, Chinese cabbage, radish, broccoli, and other leafy vegetables. Feng Ziyuan said: "Jiufeng's roots are in Xiangshui, and the fruits produced here are hanging in Shanghai. Shanghai Jiufeng Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. was established, and a number of boutiques were set up in Shanghai. The green pollution-free and high-nutrition vegetables were continuously distributed and sold to markets in Shanghai."

Jiufeng Agricultural Expo Park is a modern agricultural park integrating vegetable planting demonstration, production and processing, technology research and development, and tourism. Feng Ziyuan is very optimistic about the development prospects of the park: “The second phase of the project with a total investment of 5.60 billion RMB was started in December last year. At present, the production equipment in the greenhouse is being installed intensively, and planting is carried out in September. After the project is completed, it will become the largest plant factory in the country. It is expected to receive 5 million tourists annually and achieve 5 billion RMB of tourism income."

Hanging on the spot logo, Jiufeng Agricultural Expo Park sells products while selling the scenery, achieving “one by one”. Relying on the park, Xiangshui established an incubator to train modern professional farmers. Farmers can learn agricultural skills at home, guide traditional farmers to transform “ecological farmers” and enjoy dividends from the rural revitalization. The Agricultural Expo Park adopts the “Company + Farmers + Cooperatives” model to drive the surrounding farmers to develop 50,000 mu of high-quality vegetables, giving priority to driving about 1,000 low-income people, which benefit them in the industrial chain.

Source: (Chen Hezhou)

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