"Italy: "Still possible to produce tasty vegetables"

Celery and fennel specialists with a market that has moved abroad over the past few years (60%) and particular dedication put into producing vegetables that are good to eat. The cold front that has swept through the entire peninsula last week has hit these two productions hard, but we will have to wait for the next few days for an assessment.

Celery is produced in three regions and exported to almost 10 foreign nations 

Together with her sister Stefania, Katia Bagagli manages the Olivieri family business, which specialises in the production, processing and commercialisation of vegetables. Fennel and celery are available all year round, then there is parsley, chicory, broccoli and potatoes. The company is even a supplier to McDonald's.

Broccoli ready for commercialisation

"Celery currently comes from Puglia. It is a variety that is white when ripe and filament-free, it's therefore much appreciated by the restaurant business and for fresh consumption. We sell a lot of it abroad as well, especially in France, where they are rather demanding when it comes to organoleptic quality."

This type of celery is white and has no filaments

The company focuses a lot on flavour. According to Katia, organoleptic quality can be improved by adopting a few strategies with varieties that have a unique aroma and flavour.

Fennel in wooden crates

"Celery is grown in Puglia, Emilia-Romagna and Abruzzo. Clients require it in 40x60 wooden crates or packed singularly and placed in cardboard crates. But we can meet all packaging demands."

Fennel is grown once again in Puglia, Emilia-Romagna and Abruzzo so it can be available 12 months a year. Over the past few weeks, the market hasn't been doing so well, so everybody is waiting to know more about frost damage and monitoring prices.

Katia Bagagli

"60% of our produce is shipped to retail chains in 8-10 nations. We mainly work with wholesalers in Italy. For fennel too, we aim at obtaining organoleptic quality that make it stand out. Sometimes, as a consumer, I see perfect vegetables that are then disappointing when I eat them. I believe we should focus more on aroma and flavour, but the market needs to be ready to pay something more for products that are good to eat."

Olivieri SRL
Via Tosi 1005
47030 San Mauro Pascoli (FC)
Tel.: +39 0541/930577
Tel.: +39 3358022431
E mail: info@bagagliolivieri.it
Site: www.bagagliolivieri.it

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