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Open Field

new research on effect of biochar in open field crops:

"Biochar boosts tropical but not temperate crop yields'

For years it has been promoted as a soil additive to increase crop yields. A new study casts doubt on that view, finding that biochar only improves crop growth in the tropics, with no yield benefit at all in the temperate zone.The team of researchers gathered data from more than 1,000 empirical observations.....

India: Large microirrigation project for Jain

Jain Irrigation Systems Limited has been awarded the Poorigali Integrated Micro Irrigation Project by Govt. of Karnataka through National Competitive Bidding. The path-breaking irrigation project is based on the concept of "Resource To Root™", globally pioneered and promoted by Jain Irrigation which will.....

"Retractable cooling house perfect fit for high temperature horticulture"

VIDEO Greenhouses and other controlled environment agriculture practices are often advertised as the solution to grow year round in any climate and in any location. Richard Vollebregt of Cravo however, believes that his retractable cooling houses are a better solution for growers in hot climate countries. "A.....

The never ending story of a Spanish greenhouse on the British Virgin Islands:

Spend $6 million on a greenhouse project, and leave it vacant....

Yes, projects often get delayed due to lack of funds, bureaucracy or other unexpected obstacles. But a multi million dollar greenhouse project on the British Virgin Islands takes the cake. Over the last decade, the gigantic Paraquita Bay greenhouse project has produced more news items and discussion.....