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Eurasian horticulture demands advanced supplies; BenimPlast increases business

With it's emerging horticulture production in greenhouses in different regions, Turkey can be seen more and more as a world player in the greenhouse vegetable market. With a good domestic market and exports on the rise, Turkish agricultural producers are increasingly interested in up-scaling their outputs with advanced supplies and implementing high end greenhouse production technologies. This is also the reason that the business of the Turkish greenhouse products manufacturing and supply company Benimplast / Benimtex has been flourishing over the last years. Having spoken, with the company’s director Mr.Mustafa Sert, we learned that his business did not start flourishing all of a sudden.

BenimPlast' Elya Madambekova and Mustafa Sert during the GreenTech in Amsterdam.

It required many efforts before Mustafa Sert was able to convince the Turkish growers about the advantages of better supplies. His company Benimtex initially was founded as a producer of agricultural textiles, and since 2006 it started importing products for the greenhouse industry from leading manufacturers. "By that time, the Turkish greenhouse industry was already well developed and we knew many farmers from our textile business. We saw a chance to serve these customers with all round supplies like truss supporting systems, shade nets, greenhouse films and plastics,  irrigation tape, drippers, etc. As the next step, we started to support the growers with additional consulting and information on improving their production outputs.

In the beginning, part of the range was imported and another part was manufactured by BenimPlast, as stated by Mustafa Sert, owner of the company, “we joined with successful partners and became a more powerful player in the market, using new technologies and methods developed in countries like Japan, Mexico, USA and Canada.”
Nowadays Benimplast /Benimtex is one of the most popular suppliers for the Turkish greenhouse growers; amongst their clientèle are Turkey’s largest greenhouse growers. "In this industry there is fierce competition with many players on the market. There are many products from abroad, but in Turkey we are one of the most popular companies as we are local. We know our customers and they know us, we are familiar with the culture and the industry habits, like dealing with after sales and support; we believe that this is a key factor to our success."

Besides Turkey, Benimplast is also paving the way for successful advanced horticulture outside it's home country. "We are increasingly active in surrounding countries such as Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Belarus. We have local staff in these countries that support and inform the growers about our products. Next to this, being the exclusive partner for Riococo coir substrate in Eurasia has brought us many new clients. We managed to introduce Riococo’s top notch substrate combinations that were developed in USA and Japan to our clients successfully. Riococo is an ISO 9001:2008 company, and our focus is to introduce their range of high quality substrate products to our clients.”

Mustafa Sert of BenimPlast together with Shan Halamba of Riococo

"Our customers are very satisfied about the highest quality growing substrate from Riococo. Majority of the new growers managed to increase their tomato yield per square meter from 47 to 60 kilos", Mustafa Sert said. "The growers share this great news with their fellow colleagues in the local industries; the success story is spreading like wild fire and our customer portfolio is expanding rapidly. "

With the help of local staff and sales persons, main targets for the firm are to continue providing an excellent service and really high quality products. “Gaining the growers trust is essential for us, so the quality of our service is of paramount importance and we consequently aim to become one of Eurasia’s best companies,” Mustafa Sert concludes.

For more information about Riococo Benimplast:

Benimplast / Benimtex
Mustafa Sert

Direct contact with Riococo:

Shan Halamba

Publication date: 6/23/2014
Author: Boy de Nijs



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