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Maarten Verhaegen: "Price of butter lettuce now lightly pressured"

BelOrta sees area shift from butter lettuce to alternative varieties

Lettuce and alternative lettuce varieties are available at BelOrta all year round. This was said by Maarten Verhaegen, Sales supervisor. He indicates that as a cooperation they have a diverse lettuce assortment. "Lettuce is one of our bigger products. The price is under light pressure at the moment. It has been better, as despite the frost the demand was good. For the heavier 400 to 450 gram lettuce around 60 cents was paid. The most important buyers of this product are Germany and the Belgian supermarkets."

Shift to alternative lettuce varieties

He indicates that the area of lettuce hasn't grown in the last few years. "We have reached the point at which the production stagnates. There is a large shift to alternative lettuce varieties such as Lollo Rosso, Lollo Bionda and Oak leaf lettuce visible. The prices of these lettuce varieties are higher than that of cabbage lettuce and are lighter in weight. This makes it and interesting cultivation for growers. The Bionda's are now at a price level of 70 to 75 cents for the heavier weights. In the winter the prices for lettuce are higher on average. It has to be, as there are more costs. I expect the prices to remain stable for the next two weeks."

Maarten sees and increase in the switch to alternative lettuce varieties in the future. "These varieties have huge potential. What's becoming increasingly popular is the lettuce variety with root ball. The big advantage of these is that they have a longer shelf life. The consumer can put them away for week, no problem. There are standard varieties available with root ball, but we also have multicolour. This is for the three varieties Eikeblad, Rosso and Bionda in one (kluit)(root ball?). Growing these varieties is more intensive and precise work. They are all grown on water and ecologies and sustainability are a priority." 

The contact point for alternative lettuce at BelOrta is:
Kelly Van Dessel.
Supervisor verkoop BelOrta
Tel: 0031 15/565 293 

For more information:
Maarten Verhaegen
Mechelsesteenweg 120
2860 St-Katelijne-Waver, België
Telefoon: +32 15 55 11 11
Telefax: +32 15 55 06 01

Publication date: 2/4/2013



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