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Upgraded Philips LED interlighting offers 10% improved performance

Philips, the global leader in lighting, has introduced an upgraded version of its highly successful GreenPower LED interlighting solution. Philips first introduced GreenPower LED interlighting in 2011, and since then it has been successfully applied in commercial greenhouses across the world. The system is now proven in real-life applications to increase yield and quality, especially for high-wire crops such as tomatoes and cucumber.

During the three years since the initial launch, Philips has continued to refine and expand the technology. The GreenPower LED interlighting module now uses just 105W instead of 115W. Also, acting on feedback from customers, Philips has modified the system to further improve the ease of installation. Modules now weigh just 3.57 kg instead of 4.5 kg, and there is 70 cm of cable instead of 40 cm. to further simplify and speed up installation.

Proven benefits

With Philips GreenPower LED interlighting modules, it is possible to provide light between high wire crops. This means that the plants can be lit at the points where they gain most benefit. Various commercial projects and trials, demonstrated that interlighting results in much higher yields and more efficient plant production, as the light provided can be converted more efficiently into sugars, the building blocks of the plant.

The combination of GreenPower LED interlighting and HPS or LED toplighting offers not only considerable energy savings, but also much greater control over the growth process. During the growing season, the grower can decide how to use light to respond best to, for example, the condition of the plants, climate conditions, and the plant load. In addition, Philips offers growers expertise from its plant physiologists and application specialists, who can advise the best solution to each specific situation, with every plant-type receiving a specific and unique light recipe.

Click here for the Philips Greenpower LED interlighting module leaflet (PDF)

For more information
Philips Horticultural LED Solutions
Marjan Welvaarts, Global Marcom Manager Horticulture
+31 (0)40 275 64 99

Publication date: 2/17/2014





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