Extra support for labor management

"Tackling difficult issues from a different angle"

These days, enlisting the help of a crop consultant is common practice in the Dutch horticulture sector. Many growers benefit from the fresh perspective and new insights that an external specialist can bring, helping them to optimize their crop production methods. But now more and more growers are also turning to a consultant to help them optimize their labour and production processes.

A fresh perspective
Raphael Spaans, an account manager at Ridder, explains that observing operations from the sidelines can yield surprising new insights. "Many greenhouse operations get a bit stuck in their day-to-day routines. Since I have a business background myself, I know how important it is to look at your business from a completely new angle from time to time. A fresh look at labour management and logistics processes often leads to solutions to problematic issues - from an unexpected direction.”

Labour specialist
“The number of horticultural firms that are calling in an external labour specialist is growing rapidly,” Temro Douw of Ridder agrees. As a technical business expert, he helps commercial growers to optimize their labour management and production processes. “Firms are getting bigger, seasonal labour can be harder to find, wages are on the rise. Labour management is a hot topic for many growers. It’s really crucial to ensure that processes are transparent and to run a tight ship.”

Raphael Spaans and Temro Douw of Ridder on a site visit with Wim Scheffers, labour manager at Duijvestijn Tomaten. Last year, Raphael and Temro started to work on aligning management systems with the demands of the market.

Insight into demand
Temro provides support for labour tracking and management systems. “My job is to make sure that growers are getting the very best out of a system like that, making the labour and production aspects of their operations as efficient as possible." They regularly visit growers in the Netherlands and Belgium for exactly that reason. "Although using a labour tracking system is the norm here, it turns out that every greenhouse business takes a different approach to labour management. It is important to align the processes that are in place at the company and the design of the management system. I analyse the existing situation, and then I show the grower how he could align the system better to how they work in that company.”

Getting the most out of every functionality
The proactive support that Ridder provides to users of its various Productive solutions is an eye-opener for many growers, adds Raphael. "Our customers often don’t know how powerful the system that they have actually is. In most cases they only use a small fraction of its functionality. So we’re more than happy to explain how they can make their processes even smarter and easier to manage. We also show them how Productive can motivate employees and deploy them more efficiently."

Learn more: Productive 2018 Webinar
Productive 2018 will be available next month; a lot of work has already been done to expand its systems with many new functionalities. "The release of this new version will be accompanied by a special webinar to inform both new and existing customers about the new functions and features of this very comprehensive version of Productive. The webinar is also the ideal opportunity to share knowledge and experiences of using Ridder’s management systems."

Webinar topics
  • Productive 2018 - What's new?
  • Helping you grow your way: how to make optimal use of Productive
  • GDPR: Protection of data and individual privacy in Productive
  • How can we make Productive even better?
Webinar Date & Time TBD

For Dutch and Belgian clients, Ridder organizes a special Productive Day. Learn more at www.ridder.com/productive-dag

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