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H2O Technics vibrates water clean with nano cavitation:

"In the end, the water does the hard work itself"

"We can play a role wherever water is used. Even in greenhouse horticulture", says Nina Hanssen of H2O Technics. "We can eliminate all unwanted organisms that spread through water in a one hundred percent environmentally friendly way." That technology, where microscopic vibrations make the organisms in the water implode, is called Nano cavitation. The technology is not new, but the method of application by H2O Technics is, according to the authors of the MKB Innovatie Top 100 (SME Innovation Top 100). H2O Technics is included in the list of nominees.

Setup of the C-Dome and the V-Dome

The Dutch family business, located in Wieringerwerf, was founded in 2016 and is still quite young. Nano cavitation certainly is not, because the technology has been used since 1988. H2O Technics is now trying to apply the technology in an increasing number of areas. Greenhouse horticulture is one of those areas. Nina: "Trials in greenhouse horticulture have shown that nano cavitation is very effective against fusarium and pythium, which cause root rot."

Pure water
In their own production facility, resonators are developed from which microscopic vibrations generate nano cavitation. The unwanted organisms implode and chemicals are therefore not needed. Nina: "We keep on testing and developing continuously, so even if we can ensure that the use of chemicals is halved, that will be pure profit."

Actually H2O Technics brings two innovations to the market. With the Zerinn, legionella in water supply systems is prevented, while the floating C-Dome prevents parasites and biofouling (the accumulation of algae and micro-organisms on wet surfaces). Sander Boersen, H2O Technics: "In view of the current developments, including the water purification legislation in greenhouse horticulture, the development of our products canít go fast enough."

In the photo a cleaning unit developed in collaboration with De Hoog Techniek. The H2O Technics system is part of this unit.

Hydroponic lettuce
The technology has been used for years in ponds and in the offshore industry, but the C-Dome can also be used in water reservoirs. At the moment, resonators are already used to purify the water at a large hydroponic lettuce grower. The technology can also be used in aquaponics to keep the water clean. Sander: "Actually, we are selling solutions. Everything can be tailor-made based on the wishes of the customer. Whether a customer wants to use four or six resonators, it's all possible."

For more information:
H2O Technics

Publication date: 8/9/2018



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