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Carrefour uses blockchain technology for tomatoes

Carrefour has started to used blockchain technology for their long Cauralina tomatoes. The tomatoes are from their partnership with the Paysans de Rougeline cooperative that they have had since 2015. This particular variety is farmed by 9 producers in Marmande and Roussillon without using weedkillers. 

The blockchain technology requires each professional along the supply chain to give tracking information. The consumer can then check the information using the QR code on the label. The information the consumer will be able to access includes the origin of the tomato, the name of the producer, the way it is farmed and the date of planting. 

The process enables producers to promote their commitment to producing local produce and enables the retailer to offer more transparency and traceability. Carrefour already uses the technology for their Auvergne chicken and they plan to extend it to other animal and vegetable sectors. By the end of the year they have committed to 8 products being traceable. 

Publication date: 7/11/2018



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