Smart dosing pump monitors resources

A lot of pumps lose power as pressure increases. For this reason, In-Fluid has designed a new dosing pump that can handle both high and low pressure, can register digital flow and is still affordable. The company presented the high-tech pump during the Greentech fair in Amsterdam in June.

Wubbo Wind (Besgrow Europe) and Wayne Kemerink (Dutrion) with the new dosing pump. Dutrion presented this new pump in collaboration with In-Fluid during Greentech 2018.

Three years of evaluating preceded the development of the new pump. "To disinfect piping, many growers work with chlorine dioxide, a substance that selectively tackles pathogens. It's a good method, but the molecule CLO2 is difficult to dose," says managing director Wim ten Kate. "We wanted to come up with a solution for that."

The pump that has now been presented by In-Fluid is magnetically driven. "Most pumps are driven by a diaphragm or peristaltic, which makes them pressure-dependent and susceptible to interference from air bubbles. And if there is an air bubble in the membrane, it can't be removed. This pump doesn't have that problem", says Wim, while demonstrating the continuous operation of the pump even if the water supply is interrupted. In-Fluid has a patent on the operating components.

Chemical resistance
The development came about thanks to government subsidies. The pump is controlled with a low voltage, so the risk of burning is minimal. In addition, the pump is chemically resistant, so that it's protected against different substances such as the ones in crop protection products.

The display shows various types of water data such as water volume and amount of dosed media. "Thanks to the dosing software, the dose is accurate down to 10 ml, and the data can also be conveniently included in the management system, so you know exactly what resources you have," says Wim. "Resources are expensive and everyone of course wants to use them as little as possible, which is what we are responding to with the new pump."

The new pump is also equipped with Wi-Fi and track-and-trace so it can be fully integrated in a modern operating environment.

The included tank may be small but works great as a measuring instrument. "You just put it between the storage tanks and the water pump", Wim says.

The pump that In-Fluid showed had a diameter of 1 inch. "We are also working on a version with a diameter of 2 inches, which will lend itself perfectly to modern greenhouse horticulture companies."

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