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Peter Klein, Biota Nutrients

“The missing link in the organic production“

Growing organic asks not only for a different, more natural way of thinking, but also for certain adjusted products, suited for this type of cultivation. For a long time fluid, 100% organic nutrients were a missing link in this process. Biota Nutrients has created fluid, 100% organic fertilizers, made from natural substances from waste flows. "This way even our nitrate is organic. And that is breaking and good news for all the organic growers", Peter Klein with Biota Nutrients explains. 

Peter Klein with Biota Nutrients

"This is what they were waiting for. We are happy to be able to offer them this solution. The fluid nutrients can be absorbed quickly, provide better growth and improve the plant resistance", he continues, "resulting in higher Brix and higher nutritional values. Being 100% organic, this means a fantastic breakthrough for organic growers and growers interested in a more natural growing method." 

The fertilisers can be easily integrated into the cultivation process. "We can determine the right organic fertilisation programme for any crop and cultivation, based on the current fertilisation schedule. Together with the grower, we will examine the ideal composition for their situation", Peter explains. 

Peter concludes:”When it comes to organic fertilisers, there is nothing left standing in the way of cultivating entirely organically while improving your yields. We have an extensive knowledge network at our disposal and work in partnership with renowned parties in the market. Together we can provide healthy food for everyone. Anywhere in the world.”

For more information:
Biota Nutrients
Peter Klein
+31 6 54131472

Publication date: 7/4/2018
Author: Annet Breure



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