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George Baker between the grapes

Sing along with the vegetable edition of Little Green Bag

Tum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum.... Once it's in your head, you will hardly get it out and start singing along. Now there's another reason to sing a long with the song Little Green Bag  by the George Baker Selection. The band fell for the commercial possibilities and allowed Dutch retailer Lidl to use it in their campaign for their.... Lidl Green Bag.

Lidl Green Bag

So what's this all about? To reduce the annual use of over 60 million plastic fruit and vegetable bags, Lidl is introducing the "Green Bag". After 5 uses the Lidl Green Bag is more sustainable than a plastic fruit and vegetable bag. Lidl wants to reduce the usage of single use plastic bags and prevent litter. And to put the word out there, they hired George Baker. It's not the first time the two cooperate: only last year he sang about his Little Brown Bag.

Better for the environment
"With the Lidl Green Bag we are offering our customers an alternative to use less plastic. We know this is an issue, from conversations with the Lidl Sustainability panel and research by the Sustainable Brand Index. Customer indicate that they would like to see the amount of packaging and plastic in particular reduces," according to Lidl.

Lidl hopes that the Lidl Green Bag will be used en masse and they will be able to reduce the usage of plastic bags considerably. The Lidl Green Bag is also a sustainable alternative compared to 'single use' plastics. These single use plastics are a main cause of litter and unfortunately often end up in the water. When plastic ends up in nature it does not decay, it breaks up into smaller and smaller pieces, which are increasingly difficult to collect. Annually, around 100,000 sea mammals and over 1 million sea birds are killed by waste in the sea! Together we can do something about this. If all Lidl Green Bags are used at least five times, we will soon save on 1.5 million plastic bags!

As well as the introduction of the Lidl Green Bag, Lidl is also working on making packaging more sustainably and reducing plastic across the entire assortment. Earlier, Lidl announced that they had formulated a clear goal: by 2025 the use of plastic in Lidl Nederland should be reduced by at least 20 percent.

Collaboration with Natuur & Milieu
Lidl sought an alternative to the plastic fruit and vegetable bag together with the foundation Natuur & Milieu (Nature and environment). "The bag had to be strong, light, transparent, washable and recyclable. Based on these characteristics we calculated a 'Life cycle analysis'. We decided upon the nylon bag, which is more sustainable after five uses than a plastic fruit and vegetable bag," according to Lidl.

Five questions on the Lidl Green Bag answered by Lidl

How expensive is the Lidl Green Bag? 
A set of two from Lidl costs €0.69. The Green Bag is for sale in all over 400 Lidl locations.

Why don't you give away the Lidl Green Bag for free, like you do the plastic bag at the moment?
In conversation with Natuur & Mileu we decided to sell the Lidl Green Bag. Experience shows that a product that costs, even just a small amount, is treated more carefully and is more likely to be reused. We believe that by adding value to the Lidl Green Bag, we can raise the chance of them being used again. Using the Green Bag more often makes you more sustainable!

Can I wash my Lidl Green Bag? 
The Lidl Green Bag is made from Nylon and can be washed. The Green Bag dries quickly and doesn't have to be dried in the machine.

How do I dispose of my Green Bag after multiple uses? 
The Green Bag, like tights, is made from nylon and can be recycled with clothing.

Can I use my own 'green bag' at Lidl?
You are more than welcome to use your own green bag in Lidl. It is important that the green bag is transparent so that the cashier can see the product inside without opening it!

Publication date: 6/20/2018



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