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"A professional cultivation floor drives up production numbers"

With the GreenTech coming up this month we're getting in touch with several horticultural intellectuals, entrepreneurs, innovators and general greenhouse geeks. Today Erfgoed tells us more about how greenhouse floors create optimal conditions for the crops.

1. What is your contribution to the advancement of the global horticulture industry?
It’s ErfGoed’s mission to achieve the most optimal growth conditions for plants. Our technology ensures that the ultimate amount of water will be supplied to the crop, at the right time. The ErfGoedFloor creates a vital micro climate, serving plants with optimal growth conditions. Water in our growth system is being recirculated, which is a valuable contribution to the environment, giving savings on water bills too. In fact, the ErfGoed growth solution has a positive impact, both from an economic and from an ecology perspective.

2. What would you say is the most important topic in horticulture at the moment?
For sure it is the further development of sustainability. Significant progress has been made over the last years. But there’s still room for improvement. Water treatment, both quantity and quality wise, is of key importance. The same goes for the use of energy. We have to explore possibilities for savings on natural resources.

3. What will you be doing at the GreenTech? Will you present any novelties during the trade show?
We’ll be exhibiting the entire ErfGoed growth solution, giving special attention to our rich offering of ground covers and foils. Over the last years, ErfGoed invested a lot in further development of the covers, optimizing its features and functions. At the GreenTech we’ll show our range of foils and we’ll share our customer’s best practises.

Moreover, since ErfGoed celebrates it’s 60th anniversary this year, visitors of GreenTech will get a taste of this special milestone.

4. What project that you're currently involved in are you most proud of?
Actually, we are proud of all our projects. We’re running a lot of installations at this moment. In North America, in South America, in Europe and in Asia. All projects get our full commitment and attention. Wherever we work, we’re proud of what we’re doing. The Sorby project in Norway is a good example. This spring, we completed the installation of the ErfGoedFloor for this grower, including the just released ErfGoed Grey Cover. Sorby was very impressed by the efforts of our project team. They were convinced the ErfGoedFloor brings them better business. They couldn’t wait to ask us to come again for the next installation. The second project is scheduled soon.

5. How do you see the future of horticulture?
A good and healthy environment is one of the primary necessities of life. Horticulture contributes to this basic need significantly. The growth of the world population is expected to absorb part of agricultural and horticultural areas. This does increase the demand for production intensity. A professional cultivation floor drives up production numbers per square meter/foot. Sustainable plant production with a minimum use of natural resources will be challenging us, also in the coming years.

For more information:
Bredeweg 59
2751 GH  Moerkapelle
T +31 (0)79 593 38 00

Publication date: 6/12/2018



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