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Gebr. Geers:

"New prefab cable connection more resistant to greenhouse influences"

For more than 20 years Bart and Daan Geers have been installing lighting installations. They may therefore call themselves experienced experts. Since 2012 they also supply prefab cabling to various installers and growers. The installation experience gave them a new idea with regard to prefab cabling. The brothers present their patented solution.

Bart and Daan Geers

With their new prefab cable connection, the copper wires are welded together and placed in a mould. Then this mould is filled with plastic. Daan Geers: "The result is a solid and strong connection where the wires no longer have any room for movement and water cannot seep through. It is wholeheartedly embraced by our principals. There are already several connections in the country and abroad."

Above: Scottlock cut joints. Below: Welded joint from Gebr. Geers

Bart Geers: "A connection suffers a lot from the greenhouse climate and crop change. It seemed to us a good idea to develop a stronger and better welded joint. It is more resistant to influences in the greenhouse. With our new Premium prefab 2.0 joints we offer a solution for this. We weld copper to copper and the connection is therefore solid and reliable."

In the brand new workshop, there is also sufficient space for the mobile washing station for cleaning of reflectors. Bart: "If there is not enough space on the site, we collect the reflectors from the grower, clean them thoroughly and bring them back again."

For more information:
Gebr. Geers B.V.
Buijs Ballotstraat 16 
2693 BE 's-Gravenzande

Daan Geers: +31 (0)6 52 09 42 92
Bart Geers: +31 (0)6 21 53 56 29


Publication date: 6/14/2018



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