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"Create value with your own data"

Create value with your own data. That is easy to say, but how do you do that as a grower? shows various possibilities at the Greentech to get more value from existing and present data for growers and crop consultants.

Because companies are getting bigger and bigger and more often consist of several locations, the management of a horticulture company is becoming increasingly complex. A small improvement therefore immediately means much higher absolute yields, however a mistake is also punished harder. This creates a demand for good tools to manage the greenhouse(s).

From Sense & Respond to Predict & Act
For years many things have been measured in greenhouses. In practice it is very clear that there is often a focus on what has happened. In the graph below, Gartner calls that Sense & Respond. What happened and why? That is very important information to learn from! Growers and crop consultants uses the platform for this purpose for almost 20 years already.

As a company, you can really take the next step when you start working with accurate predictions. This makes it possible to anticipate instead of responding. There are still big steps and improvements possible to make in the cultivation process with these predictions! This makes it possible for the grower and crop consultant to discuss whether this predicted behavior is desirable or not.

Predictions and analysis has made several prediction models in their platform, which can be accessed easily by every grower or crop consultant. For example, there are energy forecasts, disease predictions and yield predictions. These predictions create the possibility to make desired adjustments in the cultivation strategy in time.

In addition, it is possible to analyze your existing data. What have I done in recent years? Which trend do I see? What could be better? How do I monitor that? The answers to these questions will be given during the Greentech, stand number 09.300 and during the presentation on Tuesday at 15:30 in the Trends & Innovations Theatre.

Or you can contact Ton van Dijk from directly.

For more information:
Ton van Dijk
Tel: +31 (0)6 53735670

Publication date: 6/8/2018



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