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Rheinland Blaubeeren starts harvesting unheated greenhouse production on 15 May

“Heated greenhouse production of blueberries not profitable”

“For some weeks, particularly when the weather’s good, demand for fresh blueberries has been noticeable at our company in Straelen, Germany,” says Theo Douven from Rheinland Blaubeeren. “We would like to have started several weeks earlier, but heating greenhouses in order to start sooner isn’t profitable, and many of our customers have said they’d prefer waiting for sustainably grown berries from unheated greenhouse production.”

“Like strawberries and asparagus, blueberries could profit from spring demand for fresh, regional product. We now start a bit later, but it’s our challenge to start a bit earlier by sustainably optimising. After all, we want to meet our customer’s wishes. The regional trade and farm shops can now soon be served again, and that’s an additional boost to processed blueberry products such as juice and jam as well,” Theo continues.

“Our customers choose fresh, flavour and a longer shelf life, but we’ve also noticed origin and operational management are important to them. We can inform our buyers directly about our integrated production procedure and food safety, but also about the health aspects of blueberries, They have a longer fresh shelf life, and they don’t turn your mouth blue. The unheated greenhouse production is environmentally friendlier and less risky than outdoor production,” Theo concludes.
For more information:
Rheinland Blaubeeren
Am Kingshof 6
D-47638 Straelen, Germany
Fam. Beurskens (+49) 02834 9440577
Theo Douven  (+031) 06 53154459

Publication date: 5/15/2018



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