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But not everything always goes as planned...

British family producing some record-breaking vegetables

Farmer Kevin Fortey is from Cwmbran in South Wales. Over time, he and his family have grown some record-breaking vegetables.

However, not everything always goes like you expect. Giant vegetable enthusiast Fortey was recently stopped at US customs after officials mistook a harmless gardening tool for a taser. Fortey was travelling back to Heathrow when he was stopped by officers at the airport in Springfield, Missouri. He says he regularly visits the US and knows what he can and cannot bring into the country.

However, officials accused the grower of having a high-voltage weapon in his bag, an instrument that is in fact a tool that is used to measure nutrients. Fortey: “They asked me why I was carrying a taser. I had to explain to them what it really was. It's a hydroponic truncheon which helps to measure nutrient quality. It's really not dangerous at all. I tried to have a joke with them but they were very, very serious. Even when they knew there was nothing to worry about they didn't lighten up.”

The Daily Mail reports how Fortey is a multiple world record holder for his green-fingered achievements, including growing the world's biggest chilli.

Publication date: 5/16/2018



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