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cherry, cocktail and date tomatoes available in large quantities

Rhenish tomato harvest is in full swing

While hobby gardeners are still thinking about whether they should put tomato plants in the garden or on the terrace, the Rhenish tomato producers are already harvesting. This we are told by the provincial association Rheinischer Obst- und Gemüsebauer (Bonn).

Rhenish tomatoes are already available commercially in a wide variety of shapes and colors: shrub, cherry, cocktail or date tomatoes are there in various sizes and colours, leaving nothing to be desired. Not only the well-known red tomatoes, but also yellows or greens are grown in the Rhineland. But not only the appearance of this product is different. The sugar and acidity and the consistency are different as well, depending on the variety. As there are so many varieties, there is a tomato for every customer’s taste.

The first tomatoes were already harvested in March. After the summery weather of last week, the harvest is now in full swing. In the field, the first tomatoes do not mature until July. By the beginning of October at the latest, the harvest should have been completed. In greenhouses, ripe tomatoes can be harvested until December.

The cultivation under glass has another advantage: By protecting the tomato plants from moisture, the use of pesticides against fungi can be dispensed with. And because the plants are so close to one another, the use of chemical pesticides can be significantly reduced.

Source: Provinzialverband Rheinischer Obst- und Gemüsebauer eV

Publication date: 5/8/2018



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