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Jos Veugen, Frans Veugen Bedrijfshygiëne:

"Disinfected harvest carts prevent many problems"

It’s quite well known that the infection pressure in greenhouse horticulture is constantly increasing. The increase in scale also means that the disinfection of harvest carts is receiving more and more attention. Jos Veugen, Frans Veugen Bedrijfshygiëne: "The larger the greenhouse, the bigger the problem can become. A contamination can be transferred very quickly. Also you would want to prevent cross-contamination between different greenhouses at any cost. If that happens, the damage would be huge." Most of the disinfection sluices of Veugen are now in new construction projects. Space is allocated on the drawing board for the installation of the sluice.

Disinfection sluices
The sluices are now mainly used in the rose, tomato, cannabis and pepper cultivation. The empty carts are driven into the sluice via the internal logistic transport system. Depending on the requested capacity, one to four carts can be disinfected in one time. One of the starting points in the development of the Cart Disinfection System was that this should not be the slowest link in the entire logistics process. That is why the capacity can be increased. Once in the sluice, the doors close and disinfection is done with a fine, dry mist. Jos: "So it is a 3D treatment. Disinfecting with UV light always has a shadow side. But this fog is getting everywhere." Veugen also advises to disinfect with a hydrogen peroxide product. The advantage of this is that it works quickly and leaves no residue. A well-stabilized hydrogen peroxide solution ensures a short decontamination cycle: just two minutes.
Frans Veugen Bedrijfshygiëne started with these sluices about five years ago. Since then the demand for this product is increasing. It continues to grow every year. These disinfection stations go all over the world, from Canada and Russia to the Netherlands and America.
Frans Veugen Bedrijfshygiëne is active in the field of spraying of disinfectants and pesticides. Jos: "Continuous development ensures ever better machines. All development takes place in-house, this is how we provide the largest product range in the world."
"They are doing well, the current location in Nederweert is getting too small. Soon the construction of the new building will start. The new building will be three times as large. Moving to the new location is planned for the end of this year."
For more information:
Frans Veugen Bedrijfshygiëne B.V.
Jos Veugen
Pannenweg 329
6031 RK Nederweert - The Netherlands
T +31 (0) 495 46 01 88
F +31 (0) 495 46 01 86

Publication date: 4/12/2018



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