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"Growth hormones from bacteria boost root formation"

In February, Hansebac and Hansespor were approved for organic cultivation and added to the Dutch Input list that is available online. These two products are essential for the Biopol Natural Fytopro system.
Hansebac contains the very active strain of Bacillus subtilis and other useful bacteria that secrete plant growth hormones in order to ensure strong root growth. The various Trichoderma species (good fungi) in Hansebac encourage a powerful and vital root growth by taking space and food from harmful fungi.

Hansespor is a microbial soil adjuvant that contains trichoderma species, beneficial bacteria and endomycorrhizal fungi. Glomus intaradices is a fast-growing endomycorrhizal fungus that sticks to roots. This boosts absorption of water and nutrients, resulting in a more vital root system with a visible effect on plant resistance and crop yield.

Marije Hollaar, Biopol: "Fytopro products are extremely suitable for the rise of “Resilient Cultivation”: it is a total system of products and knowledge where the products reinforce each other. This is reflected in an optimal balance in the soil, the correct ratio of air and water and increased biological activity, making the plant less prone to diseases and pests, so the plant can respond to disruptions due to damage."

For more information:
Biopol Natural

Publication date: 3/23/2018



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