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Mateusz Maryniaczyk:

"This year we're expecting to create over 30 million hooks"

With over 18 million hooks produced last year, the Polish hook supplier MyHooks is quite a player in the horticultural industry. For this year their plans are ambitious as well. "We are planning to double this amount this year and we're also introducing a double hook system. Starting from June, we will be having three systems of winding", says founder Mateusz Maryniaczyk.

Mateusz Maryniaczyk & Karol Korzeniewski of MyHooks, with in the middle their Belgium partner Koen Saelens at the Horticontact 2018

MyHooks is part of the Maryniaczyk group, a dynamically Polish developing company that produces equipment for greenhouses. The company has been present in the horticultural industry for over a dozen years. "Thanks to the high quality of our products, we can constantly strengthen our presence on the European markets - France, Netherlands, Belgium, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Romania - but also many more not only in Europe as we are also sending our hooks to Australia, Canada, Mexico", Mateusz tells us.

Their offer includes hooks for tomatoes 14, 18 and 22cm without a twine or with a twine of various thicknesses and colors. "Each customer can determine the appropriate length of twine on the hook and free fall. We have technologies of three twine winding systems for hooks: The elastic system where the stock of the cord is wound next to it, attached with a flexible rubber, double hook system and a braid system where the stock of the twine is rolled into a figure eight and lies freely in the carton. Layers in this system are separated by a cardboard which protects against tangling of twine. For special wishes, we invite you to contact the sales department - we will adapt the product to your needs."

Hooks for tomatoes 14, 18 and 22cm

Double hook system
As mentioned above this year MyHooks are going to introduce a double hook system starting from June. "So starting from June we will be having 3 systems of winding", Mateusz continues. "Since then we are also going to increase our production capacity as we have made some investments in new equipment and staff in order to prepare for the upcoming season. This way we can provide our products to a wider extent of customers, as it happened in the past that we were overly busy and had to say "no capacity" to numerous inquires! Last year we produced around 18,000,000 hooks while this year we are planing to double this amount."

The Double Hook system

For more information:

Domaniew 9A,
98-235 Błaszki
NIP: 827-218-73-99
mob: +48 792 823 333

Publication date: 3/22/2018
Author: Arlette Sijmonsma



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