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China: Walmart helps unmarketable Lushui tomatoes enter Kunming

"Large volumes of unsellable tomatoes in Shangjiang Village in Lushui City. Over a thousand ton of tomatoes will soon go bad, please help us out." This online cry for help attracted the attention of a netizen from Yunnan, who wrote that over a thousand tons of tomatoes were waiting to be picked and a lot of them would soon go bad.

Walmart stated that they contacted the local government and found out that farmers had planted too many tomato plants in response to high prices in recent years. This year, however, the price is relatively low because transport is not smooth. This has created a difficult situation where tomatoes have become unmarketable. Therefore, Walmart went through suppliers to confirm that the product quality met with Walmart purchase standards, and then hastily made a "compassionate" and green purchase. Walmart purchased a total of 80 tons of "compassionate tomatoes" to supply 41 Walmart stores in Yunnan and Guizhou. The first 10 tons of Lushui tomatoes have already passed through the Kunming fresh food distribution center and are on their way to the shelves of Walmart stores. They are priced at 2.98 yuan [0.47 USD] per kg.

Source: Metropolitan News

Publication date: 3/13/2018



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