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World's first baby-leaf harvesting and sorting machine

On the 19th, 20th & 21st of February, Raytec Visionís and Geminiís customers were given the opportunity to test the harvesting machine Bellavista directly in the field. The event was held in Cartagena, where the company owned by Justin Edgell, Toro Verde, made its spinach crops available for this purpose. Here potential users could experience the benefits of the worldís first baby-leaf harvesting and sorting machine first hand.

More than 15 companies took part in the event, showing considerable interest in the exclusive machine designed and manufactured by Gemini in partnership with Raytec Vision.

Bellavista can dispose of foreign bodies directly in the field thanks to a vision system based on NIR (Near InfraRed) technology and clorophyll analysis. The machine is equipped with Rayfly Ė the optical sorter made by Raytec Vision Ė which relies on a technology capable of preventing sunlight interference, a crucial aspect during the harvesting process.

Rayfly is characterized by an in-flight double vision system allowing the analysis of 100% of the surface of each product. The ejection of contaminants occurs thanks to a palette waste reject system with electro-pneumatic drive.

With Bellavista it is possible to detect all defects larger than 10 mm, removing 95% of the existing contaminants. The vision system spots defects and contaminants, which are rejected by means of a palette system.

The machine consists mainly of 3 sections: an harvesting unit equipped with a band saw and a conveyor belt, a shaker belt with an extra-long metal net to remove tiny leaves and some contaminants, and most importantly the automatic sorter.

The innovative harvesting/sorting machine is equipped with an EPA certified engine 75 hp, four-wheel-drive, intelligent traction control, hydraulic components by Bosch-Rexroth, CAN-BUS control system, IP66 protection.
Particular attention has been paid to operator efficiency with comfortable seating, positioned strategically to provide clear and uninterrupted view of the harvesting operations. With a large colour touch screen monitor, our system allows easy management of the machine and all its functions. 

Publication date: 3/7/2018



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