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Italian growers sells tomatoes to German, Austrian, Swiss retailers

Annual planning with European retailers and a policy based not on price but on weekly bunch tomato supplies - Fresh Guru is making itself known on the tomato world and its produce is demanded all over.

Alessio Orlandi

"We are pleased with how things have started off. We established partnerships with a few retail chains in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and have a few contacts with the UK and Spain as well. What seems to be most appreciated is our continuous supply and high quality," explains sales manager Alessio Orlandi.

Harvesting of the latest transplants will start over the next few days, meaning the 12 hectares of greenhouses in Ostellato (Ferrara) will become fully productive. Fresh Guru has a business mentality that is still rare in Italy: hefty investments are made to guarantee production thanks to a protected environment; contracts are not based on day-to-day dynamics but are actually annual for weekly supplies; jobs are created as well as opportunities for a territory that wouldn't otherwise have much; state-of-the-art technology is implemented to reduce waste to a minimum; organic and integrated production methods are used to avoid using chemical products.

Pollination is carried out using bumblebees. Thanks to a wireless hive closing system, the insects don't fly in the dark and therefore don't risk dying.

Parasites are almost entirely dealt with using useful insects. The crop is practically organic, even though only field crops can be certified as organic. Anyway no chemicals are used.

Fri-El Greenhouse
Alessio Orlandi - sales manager

Publication date: 3/9/2018



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