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"Weather conditions caused more dehiscent fruit"

China: "Cherry tomato production in Qingdao increased by 10%"

"The cherry tomato production season in Qindao had already started before Spring Festival, and it will continue until around August. Overall, the production volume increased by around 10% compared to last season, because the production area increased." This is according to Mr. Zheng Lilong of Shandong Pingdu Fruit Source Specialized Fruit and Vegetable Cooperation.

Exquisitely packaged Fushan 88 cherry tomatoes

Fushan 88 cherry tomatoes with a sugar content of over 12

"This is the time when cherry tomatoes enter the market in large volumes. The retail price in the current market is similar to the retail price last year around this time, but it has dropped slightly. This is mainly because of two reasons: first, the production volume increased; second, because of weather conditions there is more dehiscent fruit than usual. Part of the production volume has not achieved a desirable quality."

Recently harvested Fushan 88 cherry tomatoes

Fushan 88 cherry tomatoes for sale in the supermarket

"This cooperation owns over 400 hectares of greenhouse plantations in Mingcun Village, Pingdu City, for the production of Fushan 88 cherry tomatoes. Apart from its flavor and thin skin, our Fushan 88 cherry tomatoes also take advantage of excellent natural conditions to reach an average sugar content of over 12. This is clearly higher than in cherry tomatoes from other areas. In this stage we predominantly sell our cherry tomatoes through traditional channels in the supermarkets of first and second tier cities throughout the country. Our survey shows that Fushan 88 cherry tomatoes sell best in small quantities and when exquisitely packaged in bubble wrapped boxes."

Zheng Lilong
Company name: Shandong Pingdu Fruit Source Specialized Fruit and Vegetable Cooperation
Company telephone: +86 135 7382 1444

Publication date: 3/9/2018



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