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South Africa: Margaret Roberts honored with seed bank

The weekend marked a year since the death of South Africa’s herbal doyenne, Margaret Roberts, at the age of 80.

Symbolically, it also marked the official launch of a new phase in her legacy seed bank project.

The seed bank at the Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre in De Wildt is a repository of 1500 seeds representing South Africa’s indigenous food and medicinal plants.

Her daughter Sandy explained at an event at the centre on Saturday that the seed bank was germinated when her daughter (now a teenager) had been a toddler at the newly-formed Mountain Cambridge Pre-Primary School at Hartbeespoort, and Sandy and her mother would gather seeds for the children to plant in the school’s gardens.

But it was on a holiday visit to the Seychelles, where Roberts discovered that the island nation had a national seed bank to protect its plant diversity for the future, that the idea really grew.

Read more at Pretoria News (Val Boje)

Publication date: 3/6/2018



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