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Maxstim shows positive results in raspberries

In the 2nd part of 2017 Maxstim conducted several trials in raspberries in the south of Europe. Generally plants are treated with Maxstim biostimulants (Maxstim for Berries) at 2.5L per ha each week via the irrigation system. Start of treatment is just after planting.
Maxstim biostimulant make the plant:
  • root faster, and grow more roots
  • have more chlorophyll
  • produce more
  • more disease/stress resistant
Trials in raspberries have been monitored through the growing stage and data was collected at harvest which was between November and December 2017.

At harvest time, the plants treated with Maxstim had:
  • 10% more harvest
  • 1 extended week of harvest (which brings the extra production)
More advanced root development
Plants treated with Maxstim had a significant increase in their root systems.

Healthy growth and less disease
The control plants in trials showed less leaves and had in some cases developed Phytophthora, whereas the Maxstim treated plants were growing healthily, with more foliage and less disease issues. The Maxstim plants grew quicker and produced buds earlier.

Trial results
  • Yield increase and extended harvest
  • Increased root development
  • Stronger, healthier foliage and plants
  • Resistant to disease and stress
For more information:
Maxstim Spain

Publication date: 3/1/2018



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