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Canadian research strives to leave tasteless tomatoes in the dust

Scientists at Vineland Research Station in Niagara are on the hunt for the ‘perfect grocery store tomato’ — but it could take a few more years, Sonia Day writes.

"The tomato varieties available year round in any grocery store continually amaze me. We can take our pick from so many: big, medium-sized, small, a “cocktail” type, grape-shaped, the ones called “on the vine” and minis that are so symmetrically arranged in see-through clamshell packs, they look like sparkling gems on a necklace.

"Forget that anemic pink, too. They come in yummy reds, yellows, oranges, even purple and candy stripes.

"Mmm. And most of these offerings — all produced now in massive commercial greenhouses, often located here in Canada — do taste pretty good. Although I still think nothing beats the freshly-picked version, still warm from the sun, which I grow in my garden, you have to hand it to the hybridizing honchos. In the past couple of decades, they have certainly pulled off a quiet revolution in the art of tomato culture."

Read more at the Toronto Star

Publication date: 3/1/2018



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